Our Story

Several years ago the Christmas season had begun to lose its luster. As my relationship with God was growing I began to realize more and more that Christmas was losing its true meaning. Out of necessity I was just buying things for my loved ones, at times things they hadn’t even stated they needed or wanted.


I was simply buying to buy. And unknowingly feeding a machine that was hurting people instead of helping. 


So, I began to search for more meaningful gifts and discovered that there were so many different non profits and ministries that sold handmade items and such that helped others in need. Now when I purchased a gift for my loved ones that gift would tell a story to the one who received it. The gift that they held in their hands on Christmas morning was the hands and feet of Jesus is motion.


It felt good.

It put Christ back into Christmas for me.


And the Lord gave me the vision that would become Gifts That Give Back.

Since then that dream has expanded from a small Christmas shopping get together in my home to a large charitable vendor market, a Roadshow shop and storefront.  


When you shop at a Gifts That Give Back vendor market or stores you are literally making the world a better place. You are helping those in need both here at home and abroad.

Jesus instructs us to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and our neighbors are literally everyone. Every single person on this earth are our “neighbors” and we are called to help them.


Gifts That Give Back is one way to do that.


Together we can change the world while we shop. 

Cassie Davis, Founder

Jesus follower, lover of compassion, grace and mercy.