A Gift For Him

I have spent the last few years trying to reclaim Christmas.  To celebrate Christmas in it's truest form. To replace the hole from commercialization with the Holy.

…..To put Christ back into Christmas.

I have bought more meaningful gifts for my loved ones.  Gifts that would not only be a gift to the recipient, but, a gift for the one who created it as well. Gifts that would give back.  And while this has helped, there still seems to be something missing. Although, giving more meaningful gifts to my loved ones was a start to reclaiming Christmas, this year I desire more. This year there is another gift I want to give.  A gift for Him, a gift to the One we celebrate.

And as I prayed about what that would look like these words came flooding into my mind.....

"Make Him look good"

As I have watched the news, scrolled through debates on social media and saw our small town become the center of a legal fight over a nativity scene on a courthouse I have tried to rationalize why Christ is so offensive to people.  Why does our faith seem to spark more arguments than others? We are called hypocritical, ignorant, hateful and judgmental.  We are scolded for our lack of Biblical knowledge and failure to care for the orphan, the needy, the broken and the hungry.  And I will admit that as I have read or listened to the comments that anger has welled up from within. And, has sometimes even come out with typed or spoken words.  But, as angry as I have been I know that to a certain extent, they are right.  There is truth in their observations.

If the only Jesus you ever knew was found within the lives of the Christians living amongst you how would youfeel about Him?

...…...Do we reflect Him well?

Do we make Him look good?

The truth is, we don't make Him look very good the majority of the time.

We don't love our neighbor as ourself.  We don't care for the orphan.  We don't feed the hungry. We are not slow to anger.  We are judgmental. We don't practice humility. We don't count the needs of others as greater than our own.  We don't know His word. His thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are His ways our ways.

(Mark 12:31, James 1:27, Matthew 25:35, James 1:19, Philippians 2:3-11, James 4:6, Isaiah 55:8)

Can you imagine how much our world would change if we began to live out the true attributes of Christ? If our lives began to look vastly different than the norm, what would people think? If we made Him look good in the coming year perhaps others would want to come to know the One we proclaim to follow.  They would no longer see followers of Christ in a negative light.  Instead, they would begin to see Him for who He truly is as our lives began to reflect His true character.

Let's make Him look good this coming year.  Let's open up our Bibles and get to know Him, who He truly is.  Let's love people better.  Let's care for those in need.  Let's practice patience and humility.  Let's just do better....every. single. day.

Isn't that the best gift we could give anyone this Christmas and all year long? Because, you see, this gift for Himbecomes a gift for everyone.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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