Who Supplies The Wind

I woke up feeling elated.  Six months of hard work had finally come to fruition.  God had given me a dream a few years ago to organize a Christmas shopping event where proceeds from the purchases would give back to all sorts of worthy causes; Gifts That Give Backbecame it's name.

The previous year I held the event in my home.  I envisioned a cozy evening with Christmas decorations all throughout my home, festive music, treats in the kitchen and shopping in each nook and cranny. I worked, accompanied by a large pregnant belly, to create just that. To my surprise around 50 people shopped at my home that night. My heart was overjoyed and my soul was blessed.

But, God, He didn't stop there.

He kept those dreams alive in the months that followed. In fact, He intensified the dream within my heart for more, for bigger! I don't mean the success driven American dream form of bigger and better that we have come to know so well, this was different. If this event could grow, so would Hisreach. I could see it play out in my mind and the potential it could have consumed my thoughts. How many people could we help in the span of a few hours of shopping? This event had to grow. It had to reach the masses in His name.

Just ask my husband, I was giddy as I planned. Basically if I were awake I was talking about Gifts That Give Back.

For the six months prior I planned and planned. And it kept growing! I contacted and booked 36 vendors, found the perfect venue in both size and location and worked on every possible detail I could think of until the event arrived.  I could not believe how God orchestrated everything with minimal kinks along the way. Honestly, I had no idea how this would go. I had never planned anything of this size. But, I pressed forward in obedience to the call God placed on my heart.

And, God totally blessed it. And I was, as I said, elated.

.....Then came the negativity.

It's still fresh in my mind months later.  It was just a couple days after the event and I was still on a high.  I was chatting with a very dear, supportive friend and as we talked she began voicing her frustration over some comments she had heard about through the grapvine.  Some women had been chatting and one of them voiced to the group that she "didn't think the event looked worth going to"which then deterred the others from going as well. As the words left her mouth I could feel a slew of emotions arise.  Anger, disappointment, sadness, confusion.....

It felt like the wind was knocked out of my sails...

"Not worth going to".....

I could not comprehend how this event could not be "worth going to."Didn't they get it? I mean the vendors were awesome!......But even if they weren't did they just totally not get it?!? This was about so much more than another shopping night, we were being the very hands and feet of Jesus! "Not worth going to," are you kidding me?!?I felt like sitting down and having a good cry when the Lord spoke to my heart.....

Who is supplying the wind? Them...or Me?

I straightened my posture, brushed off their words and to this day they no longer bother me. But, I am glad I heard them, it was an awakening I needed to have.

It comes down to this; I had walked in obedience and God blessed it, period.  The end. No opinion changes that. Hesupplies the wind in my sails, He alone. We cannot rely on the opinions of others to dictate our course.  If we do one of three things are bound to happen:

1. We zigzag off our proper course

2. We come to a halt all together

3. We completely capsize.

He alone will steer us forward to the destination desired for us.  So, when the inevitable winds of negativity head our way let's all choose to adjust our sails and head back into the only wind that will truly sustain us; leading us to joy, peace and purpose.

.....And then join me for Gifts That Give Back 2018;)

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters ~Colossians 3:23

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