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Vendor Application - Logan, OH


Vendor Information


*The 2023 market will be on Friday December 6th from 5-9pm AND Saturday December 7th from 10-3.  

*Set up times will be given at a future date. ​

*Booth cost for all vendors, mobile shops, and food trucks: 12 ft space, $100

*Only handmade and boutique vendors will be accepted as I want this market to be as artisan centered as possible.

*Vendors will be required to provide their own table(s), GTGB will supply 2 chairs per vendor booth. 

*If you need to rent a table or private tent space you can do so through Personal Touch Party Rentals in Lancaster, Oh. Phone: 740-689-6991


*ONLY the first approved vendors will be in the barn unless you've requested a different location (under the barn or in the heated tent). The number of vendors in the barn will depend upon booth space requests and safety requirements.

*Vendor cap will be determined upon applications received.

*Submitting your Vendor Application does not guarantee a spot at the event. 

*Every vendor is required to give back to a cause of your choice....hence "Gifts That Give Back".  The cause should be near and dear to your heart.  The percentage or amount that you give is also your choice. 

*Upon approval and vendor acceptance, you will receive an email and invoice for the non-refundable booth fee which must be paid within 72 hours to secure your space.

*Vendor fee is non-refundable upon payment unless the event is cancelled for an unforeseen reasons or special circumstance arise. The vendor fees cover all rental costs and other fees incurred from holding the market. 

Lastly, this event is a special one.  I know that all markets are special as they are wonderful displays of your craft and talents that God has blessed you with. But, there is something extra heart warming in what this event stands for.  This is about Christmas shopping with purpose.  It is about shining the light of Christ. It is about loving our neighbors better.  And there is just a different feeling as you walk through the doors and enter into this world changing market. THANK YOU for your desire to be a part of this. It takes everyone united to make this work; vendors, shoppers and volunteers. And you are a HUGE piece of the equation.  

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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